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$42k / Night Nygard Cay Sailing the Bahamas Escape 35

Preparing for our sail to Eleuthera to check in at Spanish Wells, finishing up the last few days of a week under quarantine in West Bay near Nassau in the Bahamas. Mike writes ‘blurbs’ about his travels sailing singlehanded on his 30 foot wooden boat check them out at http://PavitiTern.com Home http://FollowEscape.com Instagram – http://instagram.com/s_v_escape […]

Sailing the Bahamas – 7 Days Under Quarantine Escape 34

Pinned down under quarantine in West Bay, New Providence Island, with the wind constantly blowing from the same direction for a week as we try to sail Spanish Wells, Northern Eleuthera and check in. Spending time in the dingy searching around West Bay for Wifi and checking out Jaws Beach. Never expecting it to be […]

Anchored Under Quarantine Bahamas Bound day III Escape 33

We’re back to finish up season one and get ready for the next! Had to switch gears and work on another project to support these videos. Hope everyone is staying warm in the Northeast with this ‘blizzard’ !!! We catch back up with Escape on our third day ‘buddy boating’ to the Bahamas, after sailing […]

Sailing Across Bahama Bank Escape 32

After anchoring on Great Bahama Bank we set sail early the next morning while it’s still dark around 3 am after the wind picks up and it becomes too uncomfortable to stay anchored in the middle of the ocean with no protection. Chasing Mike in Paviti Tern we set a course for Mackie Shoal flashing […]